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Color Wax Ribbon Rolls for Barcode Printers

Color Wax Ribbon Rolls for Barcode Printers

Unlock vibrant, high-quality labeling with our Color Wax Ribbon Rolls for barcode printers – precision and durability in every print!

Brand: Sunavin

Material: Wax-based ink

Compatibility: Thermal transfer barcode printers

Colors Available: Black, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and more

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Buy Or Wholesale The Best Quality Color Wax Ribbon Rolls  At The Lowest Price In China.

Color wax ribbon rolls for barcode printers offer vibrant, durable printing for labels and barcodes. They provide high-quality, smudge-resistant prints in multiple colors, which are ideal for various industries. Compatible with many printers, they enhance readability and organization through color-coded labels.

Basic Product Details

  • Product Name: Color Wax Ribbon Rolls for Barcode Printers
  • Material: Wax-based ink
  • Compatibility: Thermal transfer barcode printers
  • Colors Available: Black, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and more
  • Sizes: Various widths and lengths (e.g., 25mm – 300mm width, up to 1000 meters length)
  • Print Quality: High-definition, smudge-resistant
  • Applications: Retail, Healthcare, Logistics, Custom Branding
  • Durability: Excellent resistance to smudging and fading
  • Storage Conditions: Cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight
  • Installation: Easy to install with standard printer guidelines
  • Maintenance: Regular printhead cleaning is recommended

Key Features of Color Wax Ribbon Rolls

  • Durability and Print Quality: Color wax ribbon rolls provide excellent durability and print quality. They produce crisp, clear images resistant to smudging, making them ideal for high readability and longevity applications.
  • Compatibility with Barcode Printers: These ribbons are compatible with various barcode printers, making them versatile and easy to integrate into existing systems. Ensuring that the ribbon selected matches the printer’s specifications for optimal performance is important.
  • Range of Colors Available: Color wax ribbon rolls come in various colors, including black, red, blue, green, and more. This variety allows for greater flexibility in designing labels and tags that stand out and meet specific needs.

Applications of Color Wax Ribbon Rolls

  • Retail and Inventory Management: Color wax ribbon rolls, print price tags, product labels, and inventory management. The ability to print in different colors helps organize products and make labels more eye-catching.
  • Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industry: In the healthcare sector, color-coded labels are crucial for identifying different types of medication and patient information. Color wax ribbon rolls provide a reliable solution for producing these critical labels.
  • Logistics and Shipping: Color wax ribbons are also used in logistics and shipping to create labels that improve the visibility of important information, such as destination, handling instructions, and product type.
  • Custom Branding and Marketing: Businesses can use color wax ribbon rolls to print custom labels for branding and marketing purposes. Colorful labels enhance product presentation and help in building brand identity.

Certification System

Sunavin maintains excellent product quality through a strong commitment. We’re proud that our products hold certifications like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, REACH, and ROHS2.0.


Crafted Excellence, Quality Assured

Nurturing Every Print, With Careful Precision.

TTO Near Edge Ribbon_content_2_1


Resists scratches, ensuring lasting quality and readability in printing applications.

Water and Oil-resistant

ensuring reliable performance in diverse conditions.

TTO Near Edge Ribbon_content_2_2


What information should I provide to get a quote?2024-04-10T02:12:12+00:00

For product specs: width, length, color, type, ink in or ink out, inner core size, quantity, etc.

Destination port and shipping method (e.g., sea freight, air freight, courier).

Are you a factory or a trading company?2024-04-10T02:11:56+00:00

Sunavin has been a leading barcode factory, manufacturer, and supplier in China for 16 years. Our factories are located across Central, Eastern, and Southern China, covering over 70,000 square meters with 15 high-energy production lines. Feel free to visit our factories in China.

Do you offer free samples?2024-04-10T02:11:41+00:00

Yes, we offer two free samples. You just need to cover the shipping costs. If you have agents in China, we can send the samples to them with domestic shipping covered by us. Once you confirm our quality, for subsequent orders, we can make any size according to your special requirements.

Do you support OEM?2024-04-10T02:11:11+00:00

Absolutely, with 16 years of OEM experience, we can tailor products to meet customers’ specific requirements.

How do you transport these products?2024-04-11T03:58:19+00:00

Our shipping method depends on the order size. For orders under 500 items, we usually use express delivery. For larger orders, we typically go with air or sea freight.

When can I expect to receive the samples?2024-04-10T02:22:54+00:00

Once you send us the confirmation documents, the samples will be ready for delivery within 3 days. Depending on the destination country/region, the samples will be delivered within 3-10 days.

How soon can you deliver?2024-04-10T02:23:34+00:00

For standard sizes and small orders, we usually have stock available, and after receiving payment, goods can be shipped within a day. For large orders, delivery time depends on the order quantity, usually not exceeding 7 days.


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