Wash care label

Ensure garment longevity with our Wash Care Labels. Sourced from top China barcode manufacturers, these labels offer durability, fade resistance, and customizable branding. Ideal for wholesale, they provide a cost-effective solution for clothing brands seeking quality care labels in bulk.

  • Brand: Sunavin
  • Color: white
  • Core Diameter: 40mm
  • Applicable: Thermal Transfer Printers
  • Specification:
    length:200 meters
  • Applications: used for the Garment industry, footwear, luggage, bedding, and hats.
    toys etc.
  • Essential Clothing Care: Elevate your garments with our Wash Care Labels, providing clear instructions for proper care and maintenance.

  • Durable & Fade-Resistant: Crafted for longevity, these labels withstand numerous wash cycles while maintaining legibility, ensuring enduring garment care guidance.

  • Customizable Branding: Beyond care instructions, personalize these labels with your logo, enhancing brand identity and professionalism.

  • Wholesale Solutions: Source quality Wash Care Labels in bulk from China barcode manufacturers, offering a cost-effective solution for clothing brands and retailers.