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Can you pre-print my brand and logo on the thermal papers (labels)?2024-06-04T13:07:56+00:00

Sure, we can do that. Just provide your brand and logo files and any custom layout design you need, and we’ll handle the rest. We also offer standard layout and design options to help save you time.

What information do I need to provide to get a quote for thermal papers (labels)?2024-06-04T13:06:57+00:00

Please provide product specifications such as width, length, color, type, order quantity, and if customization is needed. Also, let us know the destination port and preferred shipping method (e.g., sea, air, courier).

Do you offer free samples of thermal papers (labels)?2024-06-04T13:05:48+00:00

Yes, we provide two free samples; you only need to cover the shipping cost. If you have an agent in China, we can send the samples to them and cover the domestic shipping. Once you confirm our quality, we can make any size to your specifications for future orders.

How soon can I receive samples of thermal papers (labels)?2024-06-04T13:04:24+00:00

After you send us the confirmed files, the samples will be ready for delivery within three days. Depending on the destination country/region, the samples will reach you in 3-10 days.

Can I use thermal papers (labels) in a regular printer?2024-06-04T13:03:09+00:00

Unfortunately, no. Thermal paper can only be used in printers with a thermal print head, as heat activates the thermal coating on the paper surface to produce text and images. Without heat, the printer cannot create the necessary images, and the paper might get damaged or unusable.

Do different thermal printers affect the printing results on thermal papers (labels)?2024-06-04T13:00:44+00:00

Yes, different thermal printers can affect the printing results. Factors such as print head resolution, print head temperature, print speed, and printer settings all influence print quality. Also, compatibility between the printer and thermal paper affects the outcome. Using recommended or compatible thermal paper for your specific printer model ensures the best print quality.

What is the shelf life of thermal papers (labels)?2024-06-04T12:58:34+00:00

The shelf life of thermal paper and labels depends on their quality, storage conditions, and environmental factors. Generally, Sunavin’s thermal paper can last 5 to 7 years or even longer under good storage conditions (dark, dry, and average temperature). However, exposure to high temperature, high humidity, or intense light can cause the thermal paper to fade or lose its printing capability. Therefore, avoiding these adverse conditions during use and storage is advised.

Are your thermal papers (labels) environmentally friendly?2024-06-04T12:56:57+00:00

The environmental friendliness of thermal paper depends on its components and how it’s processed. Traditional thermal paper may contain Bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical with potential environmental and health risks. To reduce environmental impact, Sunavin has introduced BPA-free thermal paper. Please confirm with our sales representative before purchasing.

How do you ship these thermal papers (labels)?2024-06-04T12:49:40+00:00

Our shipping method depends on the order quantity. For orders less than 500 pieces, we usually use a courier service. For larger quantities, we typically use air or sea freight.

Why won’t the thermal transfer ribbon stay put on my printer? And why does it keep falling off after installation?2024-06-04T09:19:33+00:00

Analysis of Issues

  • The ribbon paper core is distorted, likely due to compression.
  • The ribbon paper core has large burrs and excessive paper scraps.
  • The printer’s unwinding shaft is bent and not straight.
  • If the ribbon slips on the unwinding shaft, check if the flat spring mechanism is malfunctioning.

Troubleshooting and solutions

  • Examine the paper core for obvious deformities, such as becoming oval-shaped. If detected, return it.
  • Check the paper core for any paper scraps or burrs. Clean them thoroughly and retry. If the issue persists, it may be due to deformation, warranting a return.
  • Inspect the printer’s unwinding shaft for deformation or debris accumulation. If found, replace or clean the unwinding shaft accordingly.
  • If the flat spring needs replacement, do so. If not, consider adding one or two labels to the inner wall if the inner diameter of the paper core is too large.
What’s up with the “crackling” sound like sparks during printing?2024-04-10T07:43:52+00:00

Analysis of Issues

  • The ribbon generates excessive static electricity.
  • The printer lacks proper grounding.

Troubleshooting and solutions

  • While printing, position the machine on a conductive surface if available. If not feasible, consider installing a static elimination device on the printer.
  • Ensure the printer is properly grounded.
Why do the labels move while printing but the thermal transfer ribbon doesn’t move with them?2024-04-10T07:44:14+00:00

Analysis of Issues

  • The ribbon’s back coating is coarse, and there’s an inadequate amount of back coating chemicals, resulting in considerable friction.
  • The printer applies excessive pressure.
  • The printer is configured in “thermal” mode.

Troubleshooting and solutions

  • Apply self-adhesive tape to the ribbon’s back coating and check if it peels off easily. Difficulty in removal indicates insufficient back coating.
  • Adjust the printer pressure to lessen the pressure exerted by the printer head while ensuring clear printing.
  • Switch the printer’s “Printing Preferences” back to “Thermal Transfer Mode”.
What’s causing those black ink marks on the printed labels?2024-04-10T07:44:31+00:00

Analysis of Issues

  • The ribbon isn’t fully dried.
  • The printer exerts excessive pressure.
  • The label is overly thick.
  • Backfeed occurs in the printer during printing.

Troubleshooting and Solutions

  • Spread out a portion of the ribbon on the platform and lightly press the ink layer with your hands to check for excessive stickiness.
  • Decrease the pressure applied by the printer head.
  • If the label is too thick, it will leave indentations. Adjust the printer pressure accordingly based on the label thickness.
  • Abnormal printer settings during printing cause backfeed, resulting in friction marks.
Why does the thermal transfer ribbon keep snapping during printing?2024-04-10T07:44:47+00:00

Analysis of Issues

  • The ribbon exhibits back-coating imperfections.
  • The fracture surface of the ribbon is damaged.
  • The printing temperature is excessively high.
  • The pressure exerted by the printer head is too high.

Troubleshooting and Solutions

  • Apply self-adhesive tape to the back coating of the ribbon and check if it easily peels off. Difficulty in removal indicates back coating imperfections.
  • Inspect the fracture surface of the ribbon for nicks or burrs, and gently pull the ribbon to test its breakage resistance.
  • Reduce the printing temperature to the lowest possible setting for sharper printing results.
  • Adjust the printer pressure to minimize pressure from the printer head while ensuring crisp print quality.
Any idea why the printed labels are missing in a pattern?2024-04-10T07:41:53+00:00

Analysis of Issues

  • The ribbon consistently lacks coating in certain areas.
  • The printer’s rubber roller is partially damaged.
  • Regular oil stains and adhesive spills are present on the label surface.

Troubleshooting and Solutions

  • Inspect the ribbon under light to detect consistent areas lacking coating.
  • Examine the printer’s rubber roller for spots or pits of damage, and replace it if necessary (the rubber roller cannot be repaired).
  • Test with another roll of labels to determine if the issue improves.
What’s causing the printed labels to have white lines or diagonal streaks?2024-04-10T07:42:28+00:00

Analysis of Issues

  • The ribbon appears wrinkled.
  • The printer head is dirty.
  • There might be broken pins on the printer head (potentially false indication).
  • Uneven pressure on the printer head results in the ribbon tilting and wrinkling during printing.
  • The printer baffle is loose.
  • The printer transition roller is loose, causing the ribbon to wrinkle before reaching the printer head.
  • The printing temperature is too high, leading to scorching of the carrier.

Troubleshooting and Solutions

  • Inspect the ribbon for obvious wrinkles and test with a different roll to verify if the issue persists.
  • Clean the printer head using an alcohol-soaked cotton ball.
  • Initially, clean the area of the printer head with exposed lines using alcohol-soaked cotton. If exposed lines persist after cleaning, it confirms broken pins on the printer head, necessitating replacement.
  • Adjust the pressure on the printer head to assess if it resolves the problem.
  • Check if the metal baffle where the ribbon exits the printer head is loose and adjust it securely.
  • Verify if the metal transition roller, through which the ribbon enters the printer head, is loose and tighten it as necessary.
  • Reduce the printing temperature to evaluate if it alleviates the issue.
Why do the printed labels show one side darker and the other lighter?2024-04-10T07:42:45+00:00

Analysis of Issues

  • The ribbon coating exhibits irregularities in back coating or ink application.
  • Accumulated dirt on the printer head or platen roller is causing issues.
  • Inconsistent printer pressure is evident.
  • There is noticeable wear on one side of the platen roller.

Troubleshooting and Solutions

  • Examine for noticeable disparities in the ribbon coating.
  • Utilize alcohol-soaked cotton to thoroughly clean the printer head and platen roller.
  • Adjust the pressure on both sides of the printer accordingly. Note: Industrial printers typically feature specialized pressure adjustment mechanisms. Some desktop printers may include such features, while others may not.
  • Inspect the platen roller for wear and tear. If significant wear is detected, replacement with a new roller is the recommended course of action.
Why are my printed labels coming out light-colored, blurry, and with white spots?2024-04-10T07:43:05+00:00

Analysis of Issues

  • The printing temperature might not be right, possibly too low.
  • The printer head pressure is too low.
  • The ribbon itself is malfunctioning, exhibiting issues like exposed spots and lines.
  • The ribbon doesn’t match the label, for instance, using resin ribbon for printing on coated or rough paper.
  • The ribbon type doesn’t correspond to the printer type.
  • The printer head or platen roller is dirty.
  • Uneven printing materials are present on the label during printing.

Troubleshooting and Solutions

  • Increase the printing temperature. Attempt adjusting the “Density” or “Darkness” settings in the barcode editing software or printer properties interface.
  • Adjust the printer’s pressure appropriately. Note: Industrial machines feature specialized pressure adjustment mechanisms. Some desktop models include such features, while others do not.
  • Verify if the ribbon matches the label, for example, using resin ribbon for printing on coated or rough paper.
  • Check if the ribbon is compatible with the label, such as using resin ribbon for printing on coated or rough paper.
  • Confirm whether a near-edge ribbon is being used on a flat-head printer or if a flat-head ribbon is being used on a near-edge machine printer.
  • Clean the printer head and platen roller using alcohol wipes.
  • Replace with blank labels to resolve ribbon-related issues.
How soon can you deliver?2024-04-10T02:23:34+00:00

For standard sizes and small orders, we usually have stock available, and after receiving payment, goods can be shipped within a day. For large orders, delivery time depends on the order quantity, usually not exceeding 7 days.

When can I expect to receive the samples?2024-04-10T02:22:54+00:00

Once you send us the confirmation documents, the samples will be ready for delivery within 3 days. Depending on the destination country/region, the samples will be delivered within 3-10 days.

How do you transport these products?2024-04-11T03:58:19+00:00

Our shipping method depends on the order size. For orders under 500 items, we usually use express delivery. For larger orders, we typically go with air or sea freight.

Do you support OEM?2024-04-10T02:11:11+00:00

Absolutely, with 16 years of OEM experience, we can tailor products to meet customers’ specific requirements.

Do you offer free samples?2024-04-10T02:11:41+00:00

Yes, we offer two free samples. You just need to cover the shipping costs. If you have agents in China, we can send the samples to them with domestic shipping covered by us. Once you confirm our quality, for subsequent orders, we can make any size according to your special requirements.

Are you a factory or a trading company?2024-04-10T02:11:56+00:00

Sunavin has been a leading barcode factory, manufacturer, and supplier in China for 16 years. Our factories are located across Central, Eastern, and Southern China, covering over 70,000 square meters with 15 high-energy production lines. Feel free to visit our factories in China.

What information should I provide to get a quote?2024-04-10T02:12:12+00:00

For product specs: width, length, color, type, ink in or ink out, inner core size, quantity, etc.

Destination port and shipping method (e.g., sea freight, air freight, courier).

Is there a minimum order amount?2024-04-10T02:12:53+00:00

Nope, we cater to both wholesale and retail. The bigger your order, the better the price. Reach out to our sales team for a quote.

Do you offer bulk discounts for large orders?2024-04-10T02:13:16+00:00

Yes, we offer competitive pricing and discounts for bulk orders. Please contact our sales team for a customized quote based on your order quantity.

How to install the label printer head? Can you help me?2024-04-10T02:13:37+00:00

Certainly! We provide installation videos and remote guidance to ensure a hassle-free installation process. You don’t need to worry about the installation.

What payment methods do you support?2024-04-10T02:15:22+00:00

Typically, we accept 100% TT (Telegraphic Transfer), but special arrangements can be made through consultation with our sales team.

Which courier service do you use for delivery?2024-04-10T02:15:39+00:00

We offer various transportation methods, including sea freight, air freight, express delivery, etc. All of these options depend on the specific needs of our customers.

What type of packaging do you use?2024-04-10T02:15:57+00:00

Original printheads come in their original packaging, while compatible printheads are packaged neutrally.

How soon will I receive my order?2024-04-10T02:16:13+00:00

Typically, our products are shipped 1-3 days after the customer places an order. The specific arrival time depends on the logistics efficiency.

What is the warranty period for the thermal printheads?2024-04-10T02:16:55+00:00

For original printheads, we offer a warranty period of 3 months or 30 kilometers, whichever comes first. Compatible printheads produced by Sunavin come with a 1-year warranty.

Can you provide compatibility information for your thermal printheads?2024-04-10T02:17:16+00:00

Yes, we can provide a list of compatible printer models for our printheads. Please check our product documentation or contact our support team for detailed information.

Are these brand-new, original thermal printheads?2024-05-10T06:44:30+00:00

Of course, all of our thermal printheads are brand-new and original, with serial numbers available on the brand’s website. We also offer compatible models at affordable prices.

What is your shipping terms?2024-04-18T02:57:40+00:00

a. For small trial order, by air or by express :FEDEX, DHL, UPS, TNT etc
b. For large order, we arrange shipment by sea or by air according to your requirement.

What other service you have?2024-04-18T02:56:51+00:00

We provide our customers one-stop station solutions in custom design, packing and accessories if needed.

Do you have a price list?2024-04-18T02:56:41+00:00

Due to the significant price volatility of our products, it is challenging to provide an accurate price list. The specific prices are subject to real-time quotations provided by our product manager.

If any defective product , how do you deal with?2024-04-18T02:57:01+00:00
  • We have 1:1 replacement for the defective product.

    Warn Tips: Any man-made damage we cannot change, refund or make up.

What’s the order processes?2024-04-10T02:18:49+00:00

Custom Design–Making custom mould/logo/package first.

Samples–Making samples for you check.

Confirm Order- Signing sales contract after samples confirmed.

Deposit– 30% deposit before mass production.

Production arranged–we will process the production.

Remaining payment–after inspection, balance before shipment.

Shipping–we will ship the goods to destination port.

Confirm bill of loading/commercial invoice/packing list/certificate of origin.

After sales service.

Why choose Sunavin?2024-04-18T02:56:26+00:00

We have abundant experience and professional knowledge in the printing industry, providing a diverse range of products that offer better cost-effectiveness than what is currently available on the market. Coupled with our dedicated after-sales service, we believe that choosing us will not disappoint.

How long is your delivery time?2024-04-18T02:57:17+00:00

Generally it is 5-10 days if the goods are in stock. or it is 15-20 days if the goods are not in stock, it is according to quantity.

Does Sunavin provide samples?2024-04-18T02:57:27+00:00

Sunavin provides samples, and customers usually only need to pay for the shipping cost.

Do you have more questions or need assistance?

Our team is here to help. Feel free to reach out to us by filling out the contact form below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Whether it’s about our products, services, or anything else, we’re just a message away.