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Research Development

Research and Development (R&D) system serves as the engine of innovation.

Sunavin R&D

Sunavin’s R&D is our innovation nucleus, where cross-functional collaboration and cutting-edge facilities empower creativity. Sustainability, global partnerships, and agile development drive our technological edge. We invest in our teams for ongoing industry leadership. This R&D system is the bedrock of high-quality products and our vision for a future defined by innovation and excellence.

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Research Projects

Here are the recent R&D projects that might pique your interest.

  • Objective:Develop a more environmentally friendly printing technology to reduce printer carbon emissions.
  • Approach: Research green inks and materials, improve printing efficiency, and reduce waste.
  • Expected Outcome: Launch an energy-efficient, low-emission printer, offering sustainable printing solutions.
  • Objective:Research and develop new 3D printing materials to enhance print quality and versatility.
  • Approach: Investigate high-performance plastics, metals, and biodegradable materials to expand application areas.
  • Expected Outcome: Introduce a variety of 3D printing materials suitable for medical, aerospace, and engineering fields.
  • Objective:Develop smart labels with RFID technology for real-time tracking and information storage.
  • Approach: Combine RFID and Internet technologies to design traceable and interactive labels.
  • Expected Outcome: Launch a range of smart label products for supply chain, logistics, and retail, improving logistics efficiency and visibility.


If you’re interested in our research activities or collaboration, feel free to contact us. We look forward to working with you.