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Your Premier Chinese Barcode Factory, Manufacturer and Supplier

Sunavin is a global leader in barcode printers, thermal printheads, and thermal transfer ribbons manufacturing, integrating research, production, and sales. As a national high-tech enterprise, Sunavin’s reputation extends beyond China. We’ve successfully partnered with over 7,500 customers in 50+ countries and regions, assisting 600+ overseas entrepreneurs in establishing their businesses with Sunavin Solutions.

With 16 years of continuous development, our factories span across central, eastern, and southern China, covering over 70,000 square meters and equipped with 15 high-capacity production lines. Sunavin’s self-developed thermals, label papers, and thermal printheads, known for their quality, affordability, and compatibility, are highly sought-after both domestically and internationally.

Ensuring customer satisfaction and peace of mind is our mission. Our service doesn’t end with a purchase; it begins from the moment we start collaborating. Join us and make your next printing procurement hassle-free, cost-effective, and effortless!

Sunavin’s Welcome Foyer

Sunavin’s welcome foyer is a tranquil and inviting space that sets the tone for every visitor. Known for its understated yet elegant decor and welcoming staff, our foyer serves as the hub for all communications and a breeding ground for innovative ideas. Whether you’re a new client, a partner, or a member of our team, we invite you to step into this serene and friendly environment, as we work together to build a brighter future.

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Wall of Honor1

Sunavin’s Hall of Excellence

Sunavin has always embodied a spirit of excellence and innovation since its inception. Our Hall of Excellence proudly showcases a wall adorned with awards and honors we’ve earned. These accolades represent our commitment to quality and excellence. From international certifications to customer accolades, each plaque bears witness to our unwavering efforts. We’ll persist in delivering exceptional printing solutions for our customers and striving for excellence.

Certification & Skills

Facing the future, sustainable development is the only way forward for Sunavin. We prioritize environmental protection and are committed to creating a safe working environment. Our products hold multiple environmental certifications including ISO9001/14001, SGS, CE, HALOGEN, REACH, MSDS, etc.

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Competitive Pricing

Looking for a budget-friendly barcode factory in China? At Sunavin, even if you’re buying just one set of barcode printers, you’ll get wholesale prices. No matter the quantity, discounts are on the table.

As a leading barcode supplier in China, we offer user-friendly barcode printing products and ensure long-term stable after-sales support. Our comprehensive services include one-on-one training and full spare parts support, providing a worry-free experience for businesses.


All-in-One Solution


Customized Services

We provide ODM & OEM customized solutions. Sunavin can tailor products with specific specifications and functionalities according to customer requirements. We support customization options such as size, color, and features.

our team

Sunavin comprises over 10 core leadership teams and more than 2,000 skilled employees, including industry-leading experts, experienced engineering technicians, professional sales teams, and outstanding administrative staff.


our mission

To our mission, we’re bound, to brighter futures, we’re forging ahead, bearing the weight.

  • Clear Mission

Sunavin’s mission is crystal clear – to provide exceptional printing solutions that enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and meet the ever-changing demands of the market.

  • Social Responsibility

We are committed to sustainability. Through reduced carbon emissions and improved resource efficiency, we’ve reduced our environmental impact by 30%.

our vision

Innovating the Future. Sunavin envisions global leadership in printing technology. Join us for boundless excellence.

  • Grand Vision

Sunavin’s vision is to become the most trusted printing technology provider worldwide. We aspire to deliver exceptional products and services across the globe, creating greater value for our customers. Our goal is to lead the global market within the next 10 years.

  • Innovation and Excellence

We firmly believe that through quality, innovation, and collaboration, we can shape the future of printing technology and offer limitless possibilities to our customers. We’ve invested $10 million in research and development and innovation projects to meet the demands of future markets.


Innovating for Tomorrow, Trusting in Collaboration.



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